Sample Subjects

Sample subjects

We try to gear our learning units to the world in which our students live, so that learning is always relevant, interesting, and practical – a real exploration into students lived experience – rather than abstract and distant. Sample themes to date include:

  • Identity and community: —who lives in our communities, our history, our local flora, fauna and environment, local and global living conditions, and our place in society as Bhutanese and Sharchops,. Our core focus is compassion and interdependence.
  • Air — where it comes from, what’s in it, what does it do, how old is it? As part of this unit, students also built a weather station, barometer, and rain gauge, and art projects on wind and air issues, pollution, flight, and breathing.
  • The human body — including basic anatomy, nutrition, health and hygiene. With guidance from wise local elders (sometimes the students’ grandmothers) we take students out to identify traditional medicinal and healing plants and herbs.
  • The food we eat — where it comes from, how we grow it, what other cultures eat, organic and chemical farming, what used to grow here and no longer does, what our grandparents can teach us about it. The students have their own organic garden, growing 15 plots of vegetables with donated seeds and compost that they cultivated.
  • Waste — different kinds (air, water, land) and their local and global impacts, and how we can reduce and reuse it. Our students have taken the lead in our local communities as exemplars of zero waste practices. They will look strangely at you if they see you eating a bag of chips. If you ask, they proudly tell you they don’t buy plastic-wrapped things.

For details of early LME materials, please see:

 NOTE: We are not posting and publishing our curricular units and lesson plans at this stage, as we are devoting the 2015-17 period to curriculum design, development and testing, as well as teacher training. As noted above, by 2018 we intend to have some excellent, tried and tested GNH-based curricular units and lesson plans ready to offer the Ministry of Education and schools nationwide, and will also post those materials here.