Awareness and cleaning program at Reshore


“Waste still overlooked by the people?”

 To erect consciousness about the waste, the SJI team conducted awareness and cleaning program at Reshore on 07/11/2015, which is located 5 km away from Dewathang town where mixture of people resides working at coal mine.

Presentation was made to 40 villagers (majority of women)  regarding the affects of burning and dumping of the plastics , urging to practice 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).The Zero waste team along with those participations cleaned water source which was filled with the waste, dumped almost for the three years. The people even shared the existence of more places which need to be cleaned and Chipon promised to conduct the similar campaign at least once a month. Ms.Karma Yangzom villager was appointed as waste coordinator of Reshore by the SJI and the people who would coordinate with the local leaders and villagers in persisting cleaning of the water source and others in order to maintain hygienic in the village.  


Pit used at Reshore


Cleaning campaign