Breaking Barriers & Building Synergy for Greater Public Good


Dewathang Gewog Administration invited SJI to its 12th Gewog Tshogde (assembly) convened on January 18, 2016 to share its vision, philosophy and programs. This is the 2nd time that SJI has attended such important local government assembly, the 1st being in Orong Gewog in 2015.

One of the resolutions of Dewathang Gewog Tshogde was to allocate over Nu. 300,000/- to SJI from the Gewog Development Grant for agriculture works to be implemented jointly with the agriculture extension services. To forge greater synergy, SJI has shared its work plan with the administration. Other gewog administration is increasingly drawing on SJI’s experience, especially in waste management. What is central in an effective partnership is mutual understanding, goodwill, trust and confidence.

Local governments endowed with abundant resources, CSO-driven projects such as SJI endowed with abundant zeal, energy, perseverance, network and public trust (not to say that local officials are less or bereft of them) and both united by the shared goal of community wellbeing, can forge an innovative partnership where ownership and sustainability are its hallmarks.

Recognizing the potential and the opportunity, SJI wrote to all the gups last year highlighting areas for potential collaboration, bilaterally and multilaterally.

Dewathang local government and SJI can work towards building a model partnership for others to emulate! It may not be long before government agencies, CSOs and citizens collaborate as natural partners in an ambience of openness, deep trust and confidence for greater public good, bedrock of a vibrant democracy!