Excellence in Leadership and Management



SJI staff, interns, volunteers and the local officials (Mr. Tshering Norbu - survey engineer, DoR, Dr. Tshering Norbu and Mr. Pema Dorji, Dewathang Military Hospital) attended 2 days in-house training workshop on “Excellence in Leadership and Management: Core Concepts and Best Practices”. Facilitated by 2 SJI staff who attended the same training in Paro (7th -12th July, 2016), which was co-hosted by Khyentse Foundation and Chokyi Gyatso Institute.

Team Dynamic


Solving problems by developing a "Central Question" and "Issue Tree"


Power of communication


Practicing SALSA in a conversation

S - shift your mindset

A - ask effective questions

L - listen for what is said and not said

S - summarize and reflect

A - assert a point of view