Instilling spirit of “our project, our Dzongkhag, our nation”


In a drive towards achieving self-reliance, SJI presented its mission, programs & it's experience to over 40 people, largely from Samdrup Jongkhar but also few well-wishers. The primary objective was to inform, engage, build a sense of ownership and ultimately take charge of governance of SJI and be self-reliant. “Shouldn't we take responsibility in securing our own future? Should we expect others to help us when we fail to help ourselves?”- were the resounding questions.

The participants not only decided to become members of SJI but also assured to mobilize more social capital. Nu. 30,000/- was generated towards the SJI sustainability fund. As of August 25, 2016 the membership stands at 111 & fund at Nu. 38,200