Lead farmer training


In collaboration with the Agriculture Extension Officer at Orong gewog, 11 lead farmers were provided one day (4/3/2016) hands-on training on working in harmony with nature. The training covered;
• Natural pesticides (soap spray/ginger spray/lemon)
• Panchgaviya (cow dung/cow urine/milk/butter/curd/)
• Making liquid manure (cow dung/urine/green materials/water)
• Pest and disease management
Natural Organic Program (NOP) materials were used extensively in the training with the target to raise living standards in Samdrup Jongkhar rapidly and establish food security and self sufficiency while fully protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

Training through NOP materials

Learning from trained lead farmer of Morong

Explaining the meeting on understanding on organic agriculture by Morong trained lead farmer


Selected lead farmer exhibiting training