Progress on SJI’s Sustainability Proposal


The response (telephonic) to “SJI’s sustainability proposal” has been very positive. To create the Tendrel, the SJI staff will make the first contribution of Nu. 500 each towards the sustainability fund from this month’s salary. Each staff member has also made the commitment to mobilize 10 people each, who in turn will mobilize another 10 (not a scam business!) to meet the target of 1000 people by the end of August 2016. A bank account will be created soon for the purpose and posted on SJI’s FB and website. Contribution could be deducted at source, could use MBOB service or any other effective means with intimation to SJI for correctness of record.

For transparency, contributor’s names will be posted on SJI’s FB and website. The fund will not be used before December 2016. The fund will become active once SJI exhausts its operational budget, currently funded by donors. To activate the fund, annual plans and budget estimate will be made available to the contributors on SJI’s FB (closed group). Periodic expenditure and budget status will also be posted for contributors’ perusal. 

In future, to avoid perpetuation of dependence other sustainability strategies will have to be explored with the help of shrewd contributors.