SJI exploring long-term solutions for its sustenance during its temporary existence!


SJI exploring long-term solutions for its sustenance during its temporary existence!

Civil society groups (groups) have the potential to be effective development partners of the government, especially in a democracy where people are expected to play an active role in determining their future. Ironically, a constant predicament faced by these groups is their very survival. And CSO-led projects such as SJI is no exception. SJI was generously funded by the International Development Research Centre, Canada since its inception till March 2015. Staff worked without salary for 3 months before Maitri Trust came to its rescue in June 2015, whcih ends in December 2016. What next? Work without salary again? May be! Covering operational cost is not admissible in conventional development partner funded projects. Continuing dependence on partners also goes against SJI’s spirit of self reliance.   

How can SJI be sustainable? Samdrup Jongkhar district has a population of over 35000. Can they sustain SJI without much burden? Except for its GNH based educational program and the dream projects of building GNH model villages, SJI can be managed by a small group of selfless and intelligent professionals committed to the noble cause and supported by a continuous stream of curious interns and volunteers (mutually beneficial). Besides, SJI will cease to exist once its spirit is understood and articulated by the communities in how they think, how they live, how they govern, what they grow, what they eat and drink, etc. SJI is temporary. In 2014, Lho Mon Society chair exhorted the youth of Samdrup Jongkhar not to forget their roots and take responsibility in developing their own communities. Another letter was sent in 2015 to the designated coordinators to mobilize support from the people of Samdrup Jongkhar district. Response to the clarion calls may take time Click here (letters at 

If 10,000 people of Samdrup Jongkhar district offer Nu. 100 every month, which in any case they may be spending on tobacco, beetle nut, beer, junk food, gambling, archery, etc. This is not asking much? Every month an endowment of Nu. 1.0 million will be created. Shall we make a beginning? Can anyone lead the process of building social and financial capital and its governance system?

SJI heartily welcomes better and more creative idea (implementable) from anyone!