SRI being piloted at Rekhay for the first time


SRI is being piloted at Rekhay (Dewathang Gewog) for the first time. The past pilot areas were in Phuntshothang, Pemmathang and Langchephu Gewogs, which were far way to afford close monitoring. Rekhay farmers have had hands on experience in SRI method of plantation.

The seeds were sawn normally without any bed preparation but manure was added. 17 days old seedlings with 2-3 leaf stage were transplanted (one seedling per hill, 2-3cm deep with a spacing of 25 cm x 25cm) with seed sac attached to the roots.

The field was irrigated and prepared on the same day of the plantation. Jeevamrit was added the night before leveling of the terrace by the farm machine and irrigation.

The field will be monitored on a daily basis and will be flooded from time to time. A field log is being maintained by the SJI.

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Seedling in open bed


Health of seedling (Tallest -24 , Medium-13.8 , shortest- 3.8) cm


Field preparation


Field preparation


Flooded terrace


SRI trained farmer training others.


Conventional method of rice plantation




Seedling bed under shade


Root formation (3 seedlings)


Seedling selection


Seedling selection


Irrigation and Leveling


SRI trained farmer training others.


One seedling per hill


Educating farmers on Jeevamrit preparation