Training on soil conservation, seed saving, fungus & compost making in Menchari.


The SJI Organic Agriculture team made a follow up visit to the training conducted by Mr. D. S. Negi, from Navdanya India in Menchri in November of 2015 in order to implement the techniques. Two SJI staff and 11 interns from Geaddu College of Business Studies (GCBS) & College of Natural Resources (CNR) worked together with 23 (7 male and 16 female) Menchari vegetable group members. 

The Objectives of the training was to:-

(i)  Increase usage of naturally made compost,

(ii)  Better facilitate and enhance production of local food and vegetables,

(iii)   Promote self-reliance in organic product and local seeds, and

(iv)  Manage soil nutrient.

Mencharipas are accustomed to traditional methods of farming. They are eager to learn useful practices which are also environmentally friendly and desired similar trainings to be conducted in the future. The training helped build group organization, not just among the group members but also between the groups, interns, SJI members and villagers. Group discussion and presentation before implementing the techniques in the field was helpful.


Menchari farmers gathering



collecting compost materials



Filling the pit compost.





Farmers discussing compost making techniques



Digging pit


Discussing on seed saving and making heap compost