To institutionalize a zero waste ethos, enhance income generation, self-reliance and dignity of labour in the community and beyond, SJI conducted 10 days (30th March - 8th April 2016) “Training of Trainers” programme in an effort to establish shoe repair centers in Orong, Menchari, Reshore and Wooling expectantly.

The training was conducted in Garpawoong MSS, Orong Central School, Pemathang LSS, Dewathang PS, Chokyi Gyatso Institute and Dewathang town to bring in more community participation and to start shoe repairing clubs/activity in their respective institutes and the communities.

During the course of training, 500 pairs of shoes and slippers were repaired and prevented from discarding. 75 youths were trained on a basic shoe repairing techniques.

Learning to become self-reliance at this age is a great start.


Monks from Chokyi Gyatso Institute - leading the example on Zero Waste management.



We just need willpower...nothing is impossible.

Everyone can repair their own shoes at least



Community service and dignity of labour - students from Pemathang Lower Secondary School.