Zero Waste in Pemathang Gewog


Pemathang Gewog is the first of Samdrup Jongkhar’s 11 gewogs (regions) to take their own initiative in developing a zero waste system. This week they invited SJI’s zero waste team and Dewathang’s Zero Waste Craft Group to conduct a 2-day waste reduction and craft training in Pemathang. The 130 local residents who attended the training brought their own waste materials and looms for the training, and their own cups and plates for lunch. The event also allowed for Pemathang artisans train Dewathang’s artisans on their local reuse craft techniques, like pira weaving. The Pemathang Gewog Administration will now establish a zero waste group to develop formal waste recovery systems for the gewog, and to continue exchanging techniques and ideas with Dewathang’s Zero Waste Craft Group and SJI.

Learning-bottle cutting


Pemathang girls learning to weave with thread and plastic wrappers


learning to make a bottle cutter


Traditional handlooming


learning shoe repair


Exchange program