Zero Waste (ZW) Craft Training at Gomdar and Narphung


In an effort to upscale the waste management program, an SJI visited Tsangchilo (urban centre of Gomdar Gewog) and Narphung (village market on the Samdrup Jongkhar-Tashigang highway) on 31/10/15.  As a follow up of that visit, Assistant ZW Coordinator and ZW trainers along with Dewathang ZW craft members trained 20 shopkeepers of Narphung and 21 people of Tsangchilo in crafts making from waste materials on 04/11/15.


Current waste at Gomdar MSS

Bottle cutting











Craft making gives life and economic value to waste. Awareness creation and distribution of segregation signs were also art of the trainings. The trainees appreciated the value of the training.


   Weaving PET bottles using traditional loom