Rinchen Zangmo, BA Media Studies (VI sem), Sherubtse College.


The experience had helped to develop and hone my outlook towards life. Working closely with others and with my fellow mates, I have been able to adapt myself into situations that seemed difficult at first but was able to resolve together. I was gradually infused with a sense of responsible attitude for others. Of course, errors and mistakes were often a part of my stay at SJI. Nonetheless, it helped me interact with seniors and staff, who were very friendly and cooperative. Ultimately the experience has been enriching in the development of my personality. On so many levels the experience had broadened my horizon of consciousness and prompted me to think more. A month's internship at SJI has left me a hoard of experiences and memories which are irreplaceable and valuable. I am grateful to SJI and to all the people that were associated during my days there. I truly feel lucky to have worked in SJI for the experience has been one of a kind. And I am forever indebted for such an opportunity.

Rinchen Zangmo,
BA Media Studies (VI sem),
Sherubtse College.