Tshering Zangmo, B.A. English and Media Studies,Sherubtse College.


A month long internship at the Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative has given me, personally, not just field experience of the course I take, but lessons I needed. Lessons beyond the four stated pillars of GNH and beyond words of the text books. Living is not just about yourself and your home, but individual and the society. We may take pride of the great things you have achieved or wealth in your bank account but what when you cannot sweep your own room? There are things more valuable than the metro cities, smart phones and glamorous parties. Experience and grab opportunities to work in such type of institutions to understand about yourself and the surrounding. You won’t regret it. What you do will make you and your community. There is joy in eating what you prepared on a banana leaf, delight in reviving your culture and traditions, and a smile in sharing your experiences. You can make a difference. You can be that difference. A step forward to walk, a little helping hand, a bit of thinking, a consciousness, a hope, an inspiration is what you need. I sincerely thank the SJI and all those who were concerned.

Tshering Zangmo,
B.A. English and Media Studies,
Sherubtse College.